• State Street (U.S. 89) under I-15 will be close nightly on Wednesday, Sept. 17, Thursday, Sept. 18, and Friday, Sept. 19, from 9 p.m. to 6 a.m. During the closures, drivers will be detoured to 850 East or Lehi Main Street.

  • An additional ramp to northbound I-15 is now open from Digital Drive. This new ramp provides additional access to northbound I-15 without drivers having to drive through an interchange, reducing congestion at the interchanges and improving your travel time.

    • To see a detailed map of this on-ramp click here.​

  • Drivers from Timpanogos Highway (S.R. 92) and Thanksgiving Way will are now using the new on-ramp to southbound I-15. Drivers coming from Timpanogos Highway (S.R. 92) now get onto the ramp but merge onto I-15 further south. Drivers on the east side of I-15 can also access this new ramp by using the U-turn at Triumph Boulevard from Digital Drive and merge onto the new ramp. The ramp allows drivers to access southbound I-15 without going to 2100 North, reducing congestion at that interchange.

    • To see a detailed map of this on-ramp, click here.

  • ​The new ramp onto southbound I-15 at 2100 North is now open.. Drivers now access the new ramp directly from eastbound 2100 North and the temporary hook ramp that was in place for construction has been removed.  Drivers who are coming westbound on 1200 West or State Street now stay left to use the dedicated turnaround lane to access the new ramp. See the graphic below to understand how the new on-ramp affects your commute. 

    • To see a detailed map of this on-ramp, click here.

  • The  SB I-15 traffic split extends to near Triumph Blvd and continues until the Rail Trail. Drivers that want to exit at 2100 N will need to stay to the right.

Real-time traffic impacts can be found at   

Traffic TRENDS

This project is a design-build so the design is subject to change.